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Do Partial Hospitalization Programs Work?

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Overcoming addiction is no easy task. The very nature of substance use disorders makes stopping or cutting back difficult to accomplish on your own, but professional addiction treatment may be able to help. One of the most common forms of addiction treatment is a partial hospitalization program (PHP). Omaha, Nebraska partial hospitalization programs provide the most intensive outpatient treatments available to help people stop using alcohol or drugs and start the road to recovery.

But what is PHP? Does PHP work, or should you choose another treatment option? This article will answer these questions and more. To learn more about our partial hospitalization programs, call 888.687.8014 to speak to the team at Northpoint Omaha and start your recovery today.

What Is PHP?

A PHP is the most intensive form of outpatient treatment available for substance use disorders. It includes all of the best evidence-based treatments for substance use disorders. People attending a PHP can expect to attend treatment up to five days a week for several hours a day. Patients return home after treatment is completed each day.

PHP is often compared to a full-time job because of the time and effort that patients invest in it. The work of a PHP program is self-improvement, learning coping skills to deal with cravings and triggers, and building yourself a new life in recovery.

Does PHP Work?

Decades of scientific research have shown that PHP is an effective way of treating substance use disorders. The relatively large time commitment at a PHP is dedicated to delivering targeted therapies and treatments that can help people deal with withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and triggers. Programs include treatments like:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Family therapy
  • 12-step facilitation
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy

All of these treatments work together to ensure that everyone attending PHP can learn the skills and coping mechanisms needed to thrive in recovery. The same treatments can help treat co-occurring mental health concerns as well.

PHP Benefits

Partial hospitalization program benefits are numerous. Aside from helping people to achieve their recovery goals, there are several other PHP benefits that make it the ideal treatment choice for many people. These include:

  • Treating co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Learning effective communication skills
  • Not having to leave home overnight to receive effective addiction treatment
  • Helping people manage stress or anxiety
  • Providing professional and peer support for recovery
  • Helping people navigate triggers and cravings

Partial hospitalization program benefits extend far beyond initial healing. Building a life in recovery is the ultimate goal for any addiction treatment center, and the benefits of PHP can help you do just that.

The ability to continue living at home while receiving effective addiction treatment is one of the key benefits of PHP that is most attractive to patients. Unlike residential treatment, PHPs meet people where they are; you don’t have to move on-site to a facility far away to receive treatment, and you can deal with real-world problems in real-time.

Too often, people who attend inpatient or residential treatment only learn how to stay sober in a safe and controlled environment. PHP teaches you how to use your coping skills and strategies in the real world.

Start a PHP at Northpoint Omaha

When you’re looking to start a partial hospitalization program, reach out to the professionals at Northpoint Omaha by calling 888.687.8014. From the moment you call our facility, our team will be there to support you in every aspect of your recovery.

We have the experience and knowledge to help you break free from addiction and start building a better, stronger, and healthier life in recovery. Don’t delay seeking treatment any longer—make the call to Northpoint Omaha today.