Outpatient Treatment For Alcohol Use Disorders

Personalized programs designed to meet you where you are in your recovery process

two friends embracing in their alcohol rehab programAlcohol addiction is a medical condition in which a person does not possess the ability to stop or control their alcohol use, in spite of the negative effects their alcohol consumption is having on their family, career, friendships, and overall quality of life. If you or someone you love is drinking to excess, the skilled medical professionals in our Northpoint Omaha alcohol rehab center can help. Reach out to us online or call 888.687.8014 today to discuss how alcohol rehab through outpatient treatment can help you or a family member take those critical first steps on the journey toward a new, sober life.

What Is an Alcohol Rehab Program?

Alcohol addiction effects millions of adults in the United States and an alcohol rehab program is where many find their way back to sobriety.

After recognizing and accepting that you have a need for alcohol addiction treatment, you may feel worried, anxious, or scared because a crutch you have developed over time to get through difficult moments will be removed. It is critical to enter into an alcohol rehab center facility with a highly trained and compassionate team around you.

At Northpoint Omaha, your journey begins with an assessment to create a personalized treatment plan for your alcohol rehab program. The care you will receive in our alcohol rehab center is structured and focused on helping you learn about the disease of addiction and teaching you the set of skills to encourage and foster a lifetime of sobriety. Some of these critical skills needed in recovery include:

  • Understanding triggers
  • Identifying harmful people, places, and situations
  • Learning how to manage stress
  • Understanding the different healthy ways to cope with the challenging scenarios waiting outside of rehab
  • Confronting negative thoughts and feelings
  • Relapse prevention
  • Seeing the future in a positive light

These skills are taught during an alcohol rehab program using a mix of therapies. Your recovery may also be managed with group therapy, individual therapy, CBT, and DBT on-site in our Omaha alcohol rehab center.

What Sets Northpoint Omaha’s Alcohol Rehab Program Apart

We challenge our patients to go beyond thinking about solely their physical dependence on alcohol to address what lies at the root of their addictions. By coming to terms with and understanding the many psychological factors involved in alcohol use and addiction, alcohol addiction treatment is able to set them on a path toward long-term recovery.

This unique integrated approach to alcohol rehab means that we don’t only address the physical symptoms of your addiction, but any underlying mental health conditions that you may be suffering from as well. Through personalized alcohol addiction treatment plans, we give each of our patients the tools needed for lasting, meaningful sobriety.

10 Signs You Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Because drinking and alcohol use is commonplace in society, you may not even know that you or a loved one is in need of alcohol addiction treatment. To better understand both the physical and psychological signs of alcoholism, and when an alcohol rehab program may be needed, here are 10 common signs and symptoms to be on the lookout for in yourself, a friend, or a family member:

  • Drinking larger quantities of alcohol
  • Drinking over longer periods of time
  • Trying to scale back or stop drinking alcohol, but failing
  • Intense alcohol cravings
  • Alcohol dominates thoughts, conversations, and activities
  • Work, school, and home life are suffering because of alcohol consumption
  • Choosing to drink over participating in other activities
  • Engaging in risky behavior while drinking alcohol
  • More and more alcohol is needed to feel its effects
  • Withdrawal symptoms experienced when not drinking, including:
  • Excessive sweating
  • Increased heart rate
  • Hand tremors and seizures
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Hallucinations
  • Anxiety and agitation

If you see these signs of alcohol addiction in yourself or a family member, receiving treatment in our alcohol rehab center in Omaha Nebraska may be able to help you wrestle back control and point you toward a sober, healthier life in recovery.

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The caring team at our alcohol rehab center in Omaha, Nebraska is standing by, ready to assist you as you embark on your recovery journey. Connect with us for a free confidential assessment and to:

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  • Start the admissions process

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