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Depression Treatment

Depression is a serious medical condition that negatively impacts how a person thinks, acts, and feels. Sometimes called clinical depression or major depressive disorder, depression can be accompanied by a substance use disorder. Some people with depression may try to self-medicate with substances, which can quickly turn into an addiction. However, dual diagnosis treatment programs in Omaha, Nebraska, are available to help.

If you or a loved one suffers from a depression disorder, reach out to the compassionate, caring team at Northpoint Omaha at 888.687.8014.

What Is a Depression Disorder?

There are various depression disorders, and they can be treated with a holistic, comprehensive depression treatment program in Omaha, Nebraska. Everyone experiences feelings of sadness sometimes; however, clinical depression is much more serious.

Depression isn’t a weakness, and it’s more than just feeling sad. Furthermore, people who suffer from a depression disorder cannot simply snap out of it. In fact, depression is characterized by a complete sadness that is constant, as well as a lack of interest in life in general.

People with depression feel worthless, hopeless, and helpless. These feelings can last for weeks, months, or even years. Although there is no cure, there is depression disorder treatment available that can help a person manage symptoms and find a renewed sense of happiness in life.

What Causes Depression?

Although many people assume depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, in truth, it’s much more complex than that. Research shows that there are many possible causes of depression, some of which include:

  • Chemical imbalances in the braina woman talking to her loved one about depression treatment
  • Genetic vulnerability (family history of depression)
  • Stressful life events or traumatic events
  • Faulty regulation of mood by the brain
  • Illness and/or age
  • Gender (women are twice as likely as men to become depressed)
  • Certain medications
  • Substance misuse

It’s believed that several of these causes interact to bring about depression. However, chemicals are still very much involved and work within and outside of nerve cells. There are millions of chemical reactions that are responsible for a person’s perceptions and moods. 

Symptoms of Depression 

In order for someone to be diagnosed with depression, they must have five or more of the following symptoms for at least two weeks:

  • A depressed mood for most of the day, especially in the morning
  • Constant fatigue and low energy
  • Feelings of guilt and worthlessness almost every day
  • Feelings of hopelessness and pessimism
  • Difficulty focusing, making decisions, and remembering details
  • Either too much or too little sleep every day
  • No interest in many activities almost every day
  • Frequent thoughts of death or suicide
  • Feelings of restlessness or feeling slowed down
  • A weight loss or gain

People with depression may also be irritable, have feelings of emptiness, and even have digestive issues and various other aches and pains that won’t go away.

Depression Treatment Programs at Northpoint Omaha

A depression treatment program in Omaha, Nebraska, can include medications to help resolve chemical imbalances. 

Options for depression disorder treatment also include various types of therapy, especially cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which can help patients change negative thoughts into positive ones as they learn vital coping skills they can use throughout their lives.

At Northpoint Omaha, our team exhibits our dedication by providing patients with the support, guidance, tools, and education they need for successful depression treatment. Patients have access to partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), psychiatric care, dual diagnosis treatment, and more at our outpatient facility.

Major depressive disorder is a serious illness that’s more than just “the blues.” It’s also more than just a chemical imbalance. Contact Northpoint Omaha today at 888.687.8014. Your life and happiness are worth seeking the help you need.