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Preparing for Partial Hospitalization Programs

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Nebraska partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) are a great option for people who are seeking treatment for substance use disorders. Since a PHP is technically an outpatient program that offers more flexibility than other levels of care, people can retain some responsibilities at work or in family life while attending treatment.

Preparing for PHP before you attend can ensure you have the right mindset to get the most out of treatment. If you need help with a substance use disorder, reach out to the Nebraska partial hospitalization program at Northpoint Omaha by calling 888.687.8014 today, and start your path to recovery.

What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are the most intensive form of outpatient treatment available. They offer the best evidence-based therapies for patients who are struggling with substance use, including:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Family therapy
  • 12-step facilitation
  • Psychiatric care

Patients in a PHP will attend treatment for several hours a day, most days of the week. They do not live on-site at their treatment facility. After treatment is over for the day, they can return to their homes, families, and friends.

Preparing for PHP

Partial hospitalization program preparation is a crucial first step to ensure you get the most out of treatment. Make sure to get started preparing for PHP as soon as you’re committed to treating your substance use disorder, and you’ll be in good shape to start a new life in recovery.

Before You Call

Starting a PHP program can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. When you’re ready to call a program to initiate treatment, you just need to have a few details ready and a willingness to be honest about your situation. Admissions specialists typically work the phone lines at a treatment facility around the clock and can guide you through partial hospitalization program preparation.

A few things to have ready for your intake call include:

  • Your insurance information
  • Your medical background
  • Your history of substance use
  • Your reasons for seeking treatment

If your treatment program needs any further information, they can guide you through the process over the phone.

Before You Start

The next step of PHP preparation is getting ready for your first days of treatment. If you’re working a job, let them know about your new schedule. You may need to take vacation days, ask for medical leave, or simply let them know the hours you won’t be available. It all depends on your job and the circumstances leading up to treatment.

Similarly, let the people around you know where you’re going and why you need to seek treatment. This can start the process of building support for your sobriety and get everyone in your life on the same page.

Your First Day of Treatment

The last step of PHP preparation is getting ready for your first day. The first day of treatment can be nerve-racking, but following just a few simple guidelines can help you thrive in your new treatment environment:

  • Prepare to be honest—lying about your substance use or circumstances can only hurt you
  • Bring anything you need for a full day of treatment, such as snacks, water, or a cell phone
  • Try to stay abstinent before your first day, if possible
  • Go in with an open mind

Following these simple guidelines will have you on the path to recovery in no time.

Start a PHP Program at Northpoint Omaha

When you’re ready to start a PHP program, call 888.687.8014 to reach the experts at Northpoint Omaha. From the moment you call, our team will guide you through the process, support you in your recovery, and help you build the tools to flourish in your new life.