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Benefits Of Aftercare Planning

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Getting sober is difficult, but remaining so can be one of the most challenging parts of recovery. It’s crucial to have an aftercare program you can turn to so that you can maintain the strides you’ve made. At Northpoint Omaha, we’re ready to show you the benefits of aftercare planning and guide you in creating a sober lifestyle that will help keep you on track. Call us today at 888.687.8014 to speak with a team member in our outpatient treatment center about how you can receive the support you or a loved one need.

What Is an Aftercare Program?

An aftercare program refers to any kind of continuing care that helps you after completing a substance abuse treatment program. It can be both a form of monitoring your recovery and a recovery program in its own right. The main goals of an aftercare program usually include:

  • Strengthening your coping skills
  • Practicing relapse prevention
  • Supporting your overall recovery process
  • Managing setbacks
  • Providing support

These programs can include one-on-one therapy and group therapy sessions, as well as occupational therapy and relapse prevention sessions. You can think of treatment like a staircase. Instead of remaining on one step, aftercare planning keeps you taking that next step upward toward long-term recovery.

What are the benefits of aftercare planning?

Addiction Aftercare Program Benefits

By choosing an aftercare program and focusing on aftercare planning, you can help yourself in a variety of ways.

Easing Transition Into the Real World

After being in a treatment program, you may struggle to feel comfortable with your everyday life. You’ll have participated in a program that offered lots of support and structure, so when that stops, you can find yourself unsure of how to fill your days.

Aftercare planning helps you maintain a sense of structure by ensuring you have sessions to attend and are still part of a program.

Staying Connected With the Recovery Community

Another of the most important aftercare program benefits to consider is that you maintain a connection with others who are dealing with similar issues. Isolation can be a huge issue after leaving a program since you may not have friends or family you can turn to who’ll understand what you’re going through.

The recovery community is a crucial tool, and it will continue to be for a long time. With an aftercare program, you can start building your own recovery community because you know you have support when you need it. This helps you avoid isolation while you get to know people who are also in recovery.

Dealing With Relapse Risks

Another of the benefits of an aftercare program is that you can tackle your triggers head-on so that you can maintain your sobriety. You’ve likely already delved into what your triggers are, but once you’re out of treatment, you may realize other things pose dangers to your sobriety as well.

By being part of an aftercare program, you can talk about all these things and find ways of dealing with the new risks.

Yet another of the most important aftercare program benefits is that it also helps you spot the signs that you’re heading toward a relapse, which can be crucial for making the necessary behavioral changes.

Offering Support After a Relapse

Relapses are common after leaving a treatment program. If you’re alone, you may not know how to get back on track. One of the benefits of an aftercare program is that you’ll have the support you need to find your way back to sobriety—and you’ll do so surrounded by people who won’t judge you.

Get Ongoing Help to Maintain Long-term Sobriety at Northpoint Omaha

Addiction aftercare program benefits show you just how crucial continuing your recovery is. You don’t have to go through the recovery process on your own. By turning to Northpoint Omaha, you can get the assistance you need to achieve long-term sobriety. Call us today at 888.687.8014 or use our convenient online contact form to send us a message.