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5 Things to Expect in a Rehab Center

Therapist discusses drug rehab expectations

Starting the journey to recovery is a big step for anyone suffering from addiction. It’s normal to feel apprehensive or even scared about what lies ahead. If you’ve never been to rehab before, the drug rehab expectations that you may have gained from TV or movies can be misleading. It might turn out that fears you’ve had about rehab are actually much different than the reality.

No matter what drug rehab treatment center you choose, there are some consistent things that you can expect.

1. A Safe, Supportive Environment

As you begin to work towards a place of sustainable sobriety, it’s important to be surrounded by people who will support your journey. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers offer a safe and supportive environment. Not only are these centers drug- and alcohol-free, but they’re also staffed with professionals who can help you through the most challenging parts of the process.

2. Different Levels of Care

Most drug rehab centers offer different levels of care, depending on your individual needs. A few of the programs you can expect include:

  • Partial hospitalization programs – These programs offer intensive treatment during the day, but you’re able to return home at night.
  • Intensive outpatient programs – These programs offer a more flexible schedule and are ideal for those who have a stable home environment.
  • Aftercare programs – These programs provide continued support after you finish a higher level of care.

As your progress through treatment, you may move up or down the levels of care, depending on your needs.

3. Individualized Treatment Plans

One size does not fit all when it comes to drug rehab treatment. To ensure that you have the best chance of achieving long-term sobriety, your treatment plan should be tailored to your individual needs. The addiction treatment specialists at your drug abuse treatment center will work with you to create a plan that meets your unique needs.

4. Group Therapy Sessions

One of the most important components of drug addiction treatment is group therapy. These sessions give you a chance to connect with other people who are going through similar experiences. Group therapy provides a supportive environment where you can share your thoughts and feelings openly.

While opening up might be difficult at first, you’ll likely find that the group therapy sessions are incredibly beneficial. Building a network of support and understanding is an important part of the journey to recovery. And your peers can help you learn how to navigate the challenges of sobriety.

5. Help for Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders

If you suffer from a co-occurring mental health condition, it’s important to find a drug rehab treatment center that can address both issues simultaneously. Mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, and PTSD can contribute to drug and alcohol abuse, and treating one condition without the other is much less likely to be successful.

During treatment, you’ll learn how to manage the symptoms of your co-occurring mental health condition in a healthy way. And with the support of your drug rehab team, you’ll have the tools you need to effectively address both disorders.

Find Hope and Healing at Northpoint Recovery Omaha

No matter your drug rehab expectations, Northpoint Recovery Omaha can help. We offer a variety of drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. With the help of evidence-based therapies, individualized treatment plans, and a compassionate staff, you can achieve lasting sobriety.

If you’re ready to take the first step, contact us today. We’re here to help you on your journey to recovery. Reach out to Northpoint Recovery Omaha at 888.687.8014 or connect with us online to get started.